Car examination

  • Real-time infoIt shows the real-time info, including the car’s condition, speed, temp, vol and so on.
  • Quick CheckIt helps you to know about your car’s condition quickly, and keep your driving time safely.
  • Online DiagIt provides you many information including electrical characteristics, failure data and explanation, repair guide by diagnosing in the cloud diagnosis center.
  • Clear DTCSIt gives you the function that clears the fault codes in ECU with one key.

Flue flow management

  • DashboardIt gives you the functions of the instantaneous flue flow, flue flow in an hour, average fuel flow, the recent fuel flow, fuel calibration.
  • SummaryIt gives you the functions of the Current distance, Duration and so on, and it shows the current and amount driving conditions.
  • AnalysisIt shows the fuel flow condition in every driving speed. Let us save some gases to reduce a little pollution.


  • DashboardsIt shows more meters in your mobile phone to expand the insufficient existing meters in your car’s dashboards.
  • RangefinderIt is a high-accuracy distance-measuring tool, calculated by the vehicle parameters when driving, and it is more accuracy than the mileage meter or GPS telemeter.
  • OBD parameterIt is only for the repairman, there are many professional OBD parameters here.
  • Tracking RecorderIt records your tracking, and you can inquire or playback the records by showing the tracks in the map.
  • AccelerometerIt is a referenced accelerometer about your vehicle.
  • Incoming call assistancewhen you are driving, the soft will solve the incoming call and messages automatically in predefined mode while you activate this function.

Other tools

  • Offline Diag ReportIt is a simple report after you use the function of checking in the offline mode.
  • Online Diag ReportIt is a detailed diagnosis report after you use the function of checking in the network mode.
  • Incoming Call RecordsIt is the incoming call record when you use the incoming call assistant.
  • Tracking RecorderIt record your driving route automatically.

Key Verify

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